Wednesday, February 8, 2012

10 Things I love Tuesday

1. This cupcake floss. How sweet is that??

2. This sweet, sweet ice cream cone lamp! I would love to light up my bedroom with one of those.

3. The Vow. I haven't seen it yet, but I will be with my lovely boy on Valentine's day! So excited!

4. Twiggy. Always an inspiration.

5. The Hunger Games. I honestly can't put it down.

6. This pretty curtain rod DIY idea.

7. This attic closet.. What a dream. (source?)

8. These special cupcake teaspoon measuring spoons!

9. Bike rides through paths in the woods.

10. These wonderful shoes! (need source)

Love always and forever,

Monday, February 6, 2012

Sorry for the lack of updates

I've been pretty busy. I'll try to catch you up on everything in a reasonably sized post.

1. For christmas, I finally got the white iphone 4! Happy happy girl. So now I will be able to post photographs of my own!
2. I got a new tattoo as a Christmas present to myself with my best friend, Samantha!

3. Spent our second Christmas with my love.

4. Had our second New Year's midnight kiss!

5. Was an extra in an e-harmony commercial.

6. Turned 19 and John Caleb got me a sewing machine!

7. We've been working so hard on The Fox & The Rabbit. It's almost been overwhelming. It has taken up most of my time! But it's been fun. We have so much coming up to get excited about! Shows, the new album.. Yay!

Have a lovely day!