Wednesday, July 27, 2011

shop happy

so my life has been pretty exciting this past week or so.
my parents were out of town for a week so my sister and i enjoyed our new found freedom by lot's of drinking, smoking, all nighters, scary movies, loud music, boyfriends, best friends, food and long, back porch talks while having too many cigarettes.

but today, jc and i cleaned his room SPOTLESS. (i wanna give myself a pat on the back for that one)
i got home and realized how much i cannot wait to have my own place. besides, i have way too much stuff in my small room as it is. haha.

knowing that, i still end up buying more and more crap. i can't help myself.

so instead of actually going out and tempting myself to buy things right then and there, i've decided to start a little online shopping wish list file on my computer.

here are a few of my absolute MUST-HAVES:

okay, i'll stop now <3
Love always,

Sunday, July 17, 2011

becoming crafty

today was beautiful.

i slept in then woke up and started working on a few projects i've been working at. i made so many bows that i think i'm set for life.. and my kids life's. haha. i'm actually thinking about having a giveaway on tumblr (click here for tumblr)

later on in the evening, john caleb and i went and got pizza and peace teas for dinner and then went to see our friend's band: Ocean Is Theory. (click here for more)
they were so good and it was wonderful to see a bunch of our friends we rarely ever see. (:

now i'm at home, relaxing with my precious jojo and enjoying nutella spread on homemade bread and hot fuit tea.

hope all of your weekends were just magical.


Saturday, July 16, 2011

the boy who lived..

Eyeless in the morning sun you were
pale and mild, a modern girl.

Taken with thought, still prone to care.
makin' tea in your underwear.
-The Shins

this photograph is old, it just reminds me of how wonderful my boyfriend truly is.

friday we went to see HPDH pt. 2 for the midnight premiere.
it was absolutely wonderful and we had too much popcorn and a blast! <3

not much else has happend this weekend.
we keep making plans and they always fail. haha.
but tomorrow jc and i are going to see ocean is theory with a bunch of our friends.
it should be wonderful. i haven't seen hardly any of them in so long.

then after that, next week should consist of a bunch of music, writing and recording.

i hope you all are having wonderful weekends! <3


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

cupcake madness and perfume

today was pretty boring, to say the least.

i worked on a new piece about how fish have hearts too and you shouldn't eat things that have hearts. (creative, i know)
it's not the best, but it was fun.

then when i got to jc's house we cleaned out the trunk of my car. it was hard work but with three people, it made it easier. julie was making cupcakes for her friend's birthday. so i decided to join in by creating a few of my own likings. bugs, fruits, bees and flowers <3

so, today was boring, yet fun.
tomorrow night is harry potter pt. 2 and i'm nervous but excited.
i can tell that this weekend will be a lot more fun.


p.s. i'm completely DYING for everything from the frilly lilly line. everything looks delicious and i'm in LOVE with the perfume. it's affordable and delightful. need it all. <3

Monday, July 11, 2011

lazy dayz

the past few days have been absolutely wonderful.

saturday was my boyfriend's sister, katie's 14th birthday. john caleb and i bought her a beautiful selena gomez dress she's been wanting and she loved it. we made cupcakes and watched the roomate, which was a horrible movie.

all of us, being john caleb, katie, justin (jc's younger brother) and i have been literally GLUED to the television due to being obsessed with mario kart on wii. it's been so much fun and lame.

other than all of that, jc and i have enjoyed a wonderful lazy weekend together. sleeping in, waking up to his wonderful kisses, playing games, going outside and being in love. it's been so wonderful.