Saturday, July 16, 2011

the boy who lived..

Eyeless in the morning sun you were
pale and mild, a modern girl.

Taken with thought, still prone to care.
makin' tea in your underwear.
-The Shins

this photograph is old, it just reminds me of how wonderful my boyfriend truly is.

friday we went to see HPDH pt. 2 for the midnight premiere.
it was absolutely wonderful and we had too much popcorn and a blast! <3

not much else has happend this weekend.
we keep making plans and they always fail. haha.
but tomorrow jc and i are going to see ocean is theory with a bunch of our friends.
it should be wonderful. i haven't seen hardly any of them in so long.

then after that, next week should consist of a bunch of music, writing and recording.

i hope you all are having wonderful weekends! <3


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