Wednesday, July 27, 2011

shop happy

so my life has been pretty exciting this past week or so.
my parents were out of town for a week so my sister and i enjoyed our new found freedom by lot's of drinking, smoking, all nighters, scary movies, loud music, boyfriends, best friends, food and long, back porch talks while having too many cigarettes.

but today, jc and i cleaned his room SPOTLESS. (i wanna give myself a pat on the back for that one)
i got home and realized how much i cannot wait to have my own place. besides, i have way too much stuff in my small room as it is. haha.

knowing that, i still end up buying more and more crap. i can't help myself.

so instead of actually going out and tempting myself to buy things right then and there, i've decided to start a little online shopping wish list file on my computer.

here are a few of my absolute MUST-HAVES:

okay, i'll stop now <3
Love always,

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