Wednesday, July 13, 2011

cupcake madness and perfume

today was pretty boring, to say the least.

i worked on a new piece about how fish have hearts too and you shouldn't eat things that have hearts. (creative, i know)
it's not the best, but it was fun.

then when i got to jc's house we cleaned out the trunk of my car. it was hard work but with three people, it made it easier. julie was making cupcakes for her friend's birthday. so i decided to join in by creating a few of my own likings. bugs, fruits, bees and flowers <3

so, today was boring, yet fun.
tomorrow night is harry potter pt. 2 and i'm nervous but excited.
i can tell that this weekend will be a lot more fun.


p.s. i'm completely DYING for everything from the frilly lilly line. everything looks delicious and i'm in LOVE with the perfume. it's affordable and delightful. need it all. <3

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