Friday, February 1, 2013

Flower Petal Bottle DIY

If you're like me, nostalgia is your middle name. I literally keep everything from napkins from my senior prom to tickets for movies and concerts for years and years. One thing that's hardest for me to let go of are flowers. My boyfriend gives me beautiful flowers every year for Valentine's Day and just throwing them away when they die is so hard for me. I usually end up keeping them up until they're starting to mold (gross, I know). So instead of throwing them all away, I usually keep at least one and hang it upside down. They were nice hanging on the wall, but I thought about what I could do to give them a whole new life. I came up with this super easy bottle idea!

The items you will need is: 1. A single dried flower 2. A clear glass bottle with a cork or a top (I got mine from Michael's for about a dollar) 3.  The provided label (printed out) 4. X-acto knife (or just scissors) 5. Whatever type of glue you would like to use (depending on the paper you use to print your label on)

Break off the leafs and put them in first, then the petals.

Also cut out the label.

Put the cork in and glue on the label. Write what the flower was from on the space provided on the label and voila!

Here is the label I designed for this project and you are welcome to use mine or you can always make your own. Whatever floats your boat!

Do something creative every day!

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