Saturday, December 29, 2012

These thieves among us

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas/holiday! I know I did.
I know it's been far too long since I've posted and I'm so sorry about that.

Yesterday, was my boyfriend's brother's birthday. He turned 17.  So his mom, sister, JC and I took a trip to the mall to do a little shopping with our Christmas money and gift cards. We had lots of money left over but still got a ton of stuff! We then took him out to a few parks here and there near home for his birthday to do one of his favorite things; Geocaching. We went to one, where we parked in the parking lot by a busy road and went searching! We were only back in the woods for about 20 minutes when we found our first Geocach of the day. We were all excited and came back to the car to go to our next place. When we got back to the car, we noticed a few items were laying on the ground by the car. We opened up the car and saw that, yes, someone had stolen everything out of our car. We had been robbed! JC's mom, sister and my purses were all stolen (full of money, gift cards, license, debit cards, my new perfume and school ID, plus plenty more). We also had all of our shopping bags stolen and everything in them. Not to mention all of Justin's (JC's brother) birthday presents. We called 911 and they came but couldn't do anything about it at that point. We left with tears in our eyes, broken hearts and empty hands.

Goes to show that you have to be very careful out there.
I hope nobody else experienced anything else like this during this, what should be, peaceful time.
Hopefully, my next post will be a happier one.

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